Roadshow – Support for Residential Projects

Roadshow – Support for Residential Projects

In response to popular demand, Solid Green is planning a roadshow around South Africa to share new industry knowledge on initiatives, services and rating tools designed to improve the performance of homes, and to make the certification of residential projects easy and efficient.

Warren Gray, Director at Solid Green, explains that the courses will be run in the major urban centres, and will be CPD validated for architectural professionals. The courses will cover three topics:

Using rational assessment to comply with SANS 10400 part XA

An alternative compliance path exists to the SANS 10400 part XA prescriptive energy regulation. Using it usually results in reduced cost of compliance while achieving better energy performance. Learn about how the rational assessment works and in which projects it makes sense.

New guidance on using electric resistance geysers in houses with solar panels

With the declining cost of rooftop solar electricity, resistance geysers are being revisited as a way to generate hot water because they are able to store daytime solar energy in the form of heat. This provides a solution that is simple to install and maintain with lower reticulation costs and heat losses. New developments in XA allow for resistance geysers to be used provided that a minimum amount of rooftop solar is present. Learn about how to calculate this and apply it to the building regulations for energy.

EDGE green ratings for residential and green bonds

EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is fast becoming the green building tool of choice in residential buildings in South Africa, with many of the larger property developers embracing it across the board. Learn about how EDGE works, as well as its link to green bonds and finance.

Watch this space for more information on this highly informative event!

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  1. Michael John Carter says:

    Are the losses on geysers being looked at to ensure they are rated at at least B+ appliances as per SABS energy labels

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