About Solid Green

About Solid Green

Through green building consulting, Green Star consulting and building simulation, we drive and guide project-design teams to create comfortable, healthy buildings that are highly efficient in their energy, water and resource utilisation. The result is a built environment which is more sustainable and better for all. Download brochure.

Solid Green & the GBCSA

Solid Green is proud to be a member of the GBCSA. We have two people on the GBCSA faculty, who provide training to enhance the understanding of Green Star in the building industry. A contingent of five from Solid Green is also on the GBCSA assessment panel, carrying out submission assessments. Additionally, Solid Green has another two representatives serving on the GBCSA Assessment Committee, whose responsibility it is to ensure that the certification assessments and assessment processes remain of the highest quality.

We’ve dedicated more assistance by sponsoring the live-metering equipment for the GBCSA office, enabling the GBCSA staff to track and monitor their energy and water consumption. Solid Green also sponsors the live-metering equipment to the My Green Home project initiated by the GBCSA.

Company Brochure

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Dashiell Coville, winner of the Best Quality Submission

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