Relishing the Abland Potjiekos Competition

Relishing the Abland Potjiekos Competition

On Saturday the 7th of September 2019, the Solid Green Team participated in the Abcon Group Foundation’s Potjie Competition – an annual event where the group’s strategic partners and networks are invited to participate. Here, Alex Varughese and Jeffy Palamattam share Solid Green’s experience.

The Potjie Competition was hosted by the Abland Group at Old Parks Sports Club in Randburg to raise funds for the Abland Group Foundation. The day started early with the first group of Solid Greeners assisting with the setup of our stand at the allocated location in the competition area. A gazebo was set up, as well as snacks for the day and Jello shots, which were a big hit with all participants. The theme chosen by Solid Green was ‘Hawaii’, so the team dressed in bright colours with a beach motif.

The potjie started at 09:00, and the remainder of the team arrived to support and add spirit to the occasion. The potjie was made to a secret recipe with lamb shin as the primary ingredient, and assorted vegetables. To accompany the lamb potjie, we set up our solar cooker and made rotis. While our rolling pin skills may not have been up to scratch, everyone was impressed with the solar cooker as a sustainable feature.

When the Judges arrived to taste our food, they were impressed with the combination and the spirit of the group. The potjie must have been good as no leftovers remained! It was a truly great day in honour of a good cause. The event was held to raise funds for the Abland Group Foundation, which provides help to communities with skills development, socio-economic development and enterprise development. Unfortunately, Solid Green did not place in the Top 5 winners, but we represented ourselves well and are looking forward to the next competition.

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