Menlyn Maine Residences: Best Practice for Sustainable Living

Menlyn Maine Residences: Best Practice for Sustainable Living

Menlyn Maine Residences’ recent certification with a 4-Star Green Star Multi Unit Residential Design V1 rating, proves that luxury living doesn’t have to be wasteful and harmful to the environment.

At the heart of the Menlyn Maine precinct, you’ll find the Menlyn Maine Residences, the latest building complex in the 32-hectare mixed-use development to earn a 4-Star Green Star rating. Upon completion, the complex will feature 583 apartments of varying sizes, including luxury serviced apartments, rental units, and privately owned residences across two high-rise and one low-rise buildings. The development is happening in phases, with Phase 2 expected to finish by the end of 2024.

A highlight of the project is the lush garden with outdoor seating, a play area, entertainment amenities, and a rooftop pool. A well-lit, dedicated pedestrian network gives residents easy access to local shopping centres, hotels, gyms, entertainment facilities and restaurants, while bus stations within the precinct connect to other major suburbs.

“It’s important to show that luxury living doesn’t have to be resource intensive and wasteful,” says Ranjita Pillai, Sustainable Building Consultant at Solid Green.

In fact, it’s essential that high-end residential developments rather lead by example when it comes to sustainability. Furthermore, a 4-Star rating does not cost more than a ‘conventional’ building and the sustainable benefits far outweigh the alternative.

Energy and Water Conservation Measures

Securing the 4-Star Green Star Design rating involved meeting stringent sustainability standards. There was a key focus on energy efficiency which was achieved in a few ways:

  • Smart passive design principles, such as north-facing orientation.
  • Well-chosen building materials with insulative properties.
  • Energy sub-meters in each apartment that measure energy consumption (accessible via an app).
  • A highly efficient centralised heat pump for hot water.

Energy modelling was used to measure the energy of an occupant of Menlyn Maine Residences in comparison to an occupant of a ‘conventional’ apartment building. The results show reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with operational energy consumption of 69%. This will result in cost savings for occupants, on top of the reduction in carbon emissions into the environment.

Water conservation forms a core part of the project’s sustainability strategy. Automated water meters and efficient irrigation systems ensure minimal potable water use, and quick leak detection. Water-wise landscaping further reduces the need for excessive irrigation, preserving this precious resource.

An Indoor Environment focused on Wellbeing

Indoor spaces have been designed to maximise occupant comfort while also being sustainable. Measures to achieve this include:

  • Fresh air supply via natural ventilation and openable windows, with no mechanical systems specified.
  • Ample daylighting.
  • 95% of interior finishes such as paints, and carpets are low-VOC, reducing indoor air pollutants.

Materials and Waste Management

The project shows a commitment to respect the ecological fabric of the site and surrounding community. Using a previously occupied site meant minimising the ecological footprint of the building complex. Additionally, sourcing construction materials within close proximity of the site supported the local economy and helped to reduce the economic and environmental impact of material transportation.

The project minimises environmental impact by using recycled and reused materials, and lessening material use wherever possible. Use of Portland Cement in concrete was reduced by 30%, resulting in a lower embodied energy and resource depletion linked to the manufacture of cement. All steel used in the project has a post-consumer recycled content of at least 90%.

Waste management practices, such as the provision of a recycling storage area and in-apartment waste separation bins, further support apartment managers and residents with recycling.

Connectivity and Lifestyle

The design of the building complex promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging walking and use of alternative transport models. This is done through:

  • A pedestrian network that offers access to the other amenities Menlyn Maine has on offer.
  • Public transport options that are within 1 kilometre of the complex.
  • Convenient and well-connected bus routes stopping in front of the apartments.
  • Basement parking that has dedicated parking for fuel-efficient vehicles and plenty of space for scooters and motorbikes.

Looking Ahead

The Menlyn Maine Residences project sets a precedent for balancing luxury living with environmental responsibility. As more developers and cities make commitments to building green, projects like Menlyn Maine show us how it can be done well.

At Solid Green, we are committed to advancing sustainability across the built environment. If you are inspired by what Menlyn Maine has achieved and want to explore how your development can meet these high sustainability standards, reach out to us. Let’s build a greener future together.

Find out more on the Menlyn Maine Project page.

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