Exploring Net Zero Carbon

Exploring Net Zero Carbon

For the inaugural edition of Positive Impact, Chilufya Lombe and Jesse Hamman shared their thoughts on solving the energy efficiency gap and the opportunities presented by Net Zero Carbon.

Net-zero Carbon and the Energy Efficiency Gap

The GBCSA’s 11th Green Building Convention took place in October 2018 under the theme ‘Race to Zero’. Having attended the very first conference ten years before, Chilufya Lombe (director at Solid Green Consulting) admits that attending the event had become something of a habit. However, the inspirational 2018 edition was different.

Lombe says:

For years in the green building industry we have been striving to make achievements in helping to create building that have less impact on the environment than a normal building. This has always led to debate around how to define a normal building, and whether we should even be basing comparisons on buildings that have led to 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. Or should we have loftier goals?

Read the article on page 60 of the Positive Impact below.

The publication is also available here.

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