Custom certification for The Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City

Custom certification for The Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City

The Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City, developed by Attacq, has recently achieved a 4-Star Green Star Custom Hotel v1 Design Rating. This is in line with Attacq’s goal of having all buildings in The Nexus Waterfall business park Green Star certified.

Set to open in March 2021, the ten-storey hotel’s first phase will add 168 bedrooms and four suites to Waterfall’s offerings; and will additionally offer conference and event space for up to 120 people as well as two restaurants. The remaining floors will open pending demand and the anticipated lifting of Covid-19-related restrictions.

Enzo Oosthuizen, Property Development Manager at the Attacq Group, explains that the hotel’s certification was initiated in line with Attacq’s large sustainability footprint. Located within close walking distance of the Mall of Africa, public transport facilities and at least eight types of local amenities, The Nexus Waterfall site will also accommodate four office buildings, ranging in size from 4500 sqm to 7000 sqm.

Annelide Sherratt of Solid Green, sustainability consultant and Green Star AP on the project, says that the project has a safe, well-lit pedestrian walkway and a cyclist sidewalk that encourages building users to reduce carbon emissions through the use of non-motorised transport. Six parking bays for fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicles and six dedicated motorbike parking spaces have also been provided in the building’s basement.

Indoor Environmental Quality was a priority, and the design aims to optimise daylight and minimise potential health issues by specifying materials with a low VOC content, and ensuring that all selected gaseous and fire suppression systems and thermal insulants used for the development have an Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of zero.

To reduce the hotel’s operational energy consumption, an energy model of the building was generated in the design stages, which demonstrated a 48% improvement over a SANS 10400 notional building. A high level of thermal comfort is ensured by addressing the building’s internal operative temperatures through modelling; and sub-metering of major energy consuming systems was implemented to accurately monitor energy consumption and assess opportunities for energy savings. To reduce energy consumption associated with major appliances, two energy efficient appliances are provided within the scope of the main contract for each room – the TV and minibar fridge, both of which are Energy Star rated at level A.

Sub-metering of major water consuming systems is also in place, which enables automated leak detection to ensure that little to no water is wasted. Water efficient fittings were specified to ensure that occupant water usage is limited; and savings of approximately 30% are anticipated. Smart landscape irrigation measures have been implemented and it is expected that the installed water efficient irrigation systems will achieve a 70% reduction of potable water for irrigation.

A project specific Waste Management Plan has been developed to minimise the contribution of waste going to landfill. A dedicated waste recycling storage area is situated in the building’s basement to allow for storage of paper and cardboard; plastic, glass and cans; metals; and general waste. A monthly waste saving of 60% recycling and reuse is targeted.

Recommendations have also been made for the future choice of materials for expansions and refits. New construction should aim to reduce the quantity of Portland cement by 30% as an average across all concrete mixes; to ensure at least 60% recycled content of all steel by mass; and to ensure that at least 50% (by cost) of all timber products are specified to be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber, reused or recycled timber.

And, in the interests of encouraging responsible resource consumption by building users and hotel guests, a Live Metering LCD display is intended to raise awareness on both current and historical resource consumption; and a Building Occupant Guide has been compiled to provide information that enables building management and users to optimise the building’s environmental performance.

As the first hotel to be Green Star certified in the Attacq portfolio, The Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City sets a new benchmark for the company’s future leisure developments.

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