Nedbank Menlyn Maine

Nedbank Menlyn Maine

The Nedbank Menlyn Maine campus site, located in Menlyn Maine in Pretoria, South Africa, forms part of the first ‘Green Precinct’ in South Africa. The building was opened in July 2012 where it achieved both the Green Star design (4 star) and As-built (5 star) ratings.

“Designed for Living”, the building is a green development that has created a responsible living and working environment that not only focuses on energy efficiency but rather the reconciliation of the natural, social and economic environments according to sustainability principles.

The ‘Green Building’ provides occupants with an improved comfort level, without being detrimental to the environment. Nedbank Menlyn Maine has a GLA of 16 244m2 and can accommodate approximately 1 040 building occupants within its premises. The Nedbank property team is committed to a long-term Green Building strategy, focussed primarily on the Green Star Existing Building certification, which will see all Nedbank buildings certified by 2030.

Sustainable building features include

Sustainable plans, policies and programmes for:

  • Management of solid waste and material aimed at increasing the amount of waste diverted from landfill and the treatment of waste and material disposal.
  • Indoor Air Quality Manager has been appointed to manage the indoor environment.
  • A Green Cleaning policy has been developed to guide and encourage the use of high performance cleaning practices.
  • A Green Transport plan is in place including a staff car-pooling initiative and shower facilities for cyclists.

The building undergoes regular performance audits which includes the assessment of:

  • Indoor air quality assessment in order to maintain a healthy and productive environment.
  • Daylight and artificial lighting levels needed to prevent visual fatigue and reduce eye strain.
  • Legionella assessment to ensure there is no threat of Legionnaires disease.
  • Maintenance and process audits.

Other sustainable building features include:

  • Energy efficient lighting – fluorescents fitted with high frequency ballasts.
  • Flow restrictors and water efficient toilets.
  • Granular metering to monitor and manage both water and energy consumption.
  • Use of rainwater and groundwater harvesting for toilet flushing via a separate reticulation system.
  • A vertical garden, which is supplied by water captured on the roof and from the ground of the building.
  • Thermal storage tanks, which are filled with 36 000m³ of Christopia® nogels (a chemical liquid that can freeze at any temperature) also known as ice building. At night between 9pm -6am, the chillers pump cold water into the thermal storage system where the coolth is retained by the Christopia® nogels. This effectively reduces the peak energy requirement of the building by 50% and reduces the pressure on the national electricity grid.
  • A solar PV plant which is located on our roof, this system provides us with around 360 000KWH of electrical energy per year. This reaffirms our desire to focus on sustainable energy solutions and the benefits thereof. This not only benefits Nedbank in terms of reducing our costs but also reduces our impact on the environment.
  • Reduced glare from direct sunlight with the use of blinds.

Building information

Address: Nedbank, 193 Bancor Ave, Waterkloof Glen, South Africa, 0181
Total commercial office area:  16 244 m2

Project Team


Download the PDF file .

  • 5-Star Green Star SA EBP v1
  • Waterkloof, Nedbank


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