Alliances for Climate Action – we’re taking Climate Action seriously!

Alliances for Climate Action – we’re taking Climate Action seriously!

Solid Green has signed up to Alliances for Climate Action! This initiative is a call to the private sector, cities, provinces, investors, and universities to work together and with our national government to collectively achieve a nett carbon neutral economy by 2050 and champion more ambitious NDC’s.

Alliances for Climate Action is a global network of domestic multi-sector coalitions committed to supporting the delivery and enhancement of their countries’ climate goals. ACA coalition members participate in activities that form three main pillars of work:

  • Produce plans that show how to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, individually and working with others.
  • Start translating the plans into action within the organisation, or by collaborating with others on mutually beneficial climate actions.
  • Use their influence to champion an economy-wide transition to #ZeroCarbon2050 with national government.

Climate change causes increased health risks, as it affects everything from air quality to water and food security. As climate change accelerates, South African businesses and cities need to take action to build resilience in the face of the direct impacts on human health, water supply, human settlements, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism, and the insurance sector – and the knock-on impacts on other sectors.

All stakeholders need to act decisively to reduce the emissions that cause climate change. This involves redefining our energy systems away from fossil fuels of oil, coal and gas to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and waves; plus reducing emissions in every sector such as transport, industry, construction, agriculture, and land use.

We are looking forward to this journey with ACA, as we work collectively towards the triple bottom line of Environment, Society and Economy – where the economy is the means to an end, and the end is environmental and social sustainability.

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