A New Leaf for 2015: Solid Green’s Revamp

A New Leaf for 2015: Solid Green’s Revamp

Solid Green has revamped its offices early this year, and we’ve built a new website too as we continue to evolve with the times. Because we want to “be the change we want to see” we decided to do the offices refurbishment the green way and have the new interiors certified.

The offices

The project is registered for a Green Star Interiors and a LEED Commercial Interiors (US) certification and we are aiming for a minimum 5-star and Gold status. Going into the 5th year of existence Solid Green is growing steadily and our staff is our most valuable asset; which is the reason why we wanted to give them an office in which they feel home. The new office brings a cafe area and a large kitchen where lunches can be eaten, informal meetings can be held a place to relax. Some of our staff are keen gardeners and we are trying to grow some veggies and herbs in the garden. Our main goal is to grow our team, do more inspiring and innovative work, and improve our staff’s capabilities professionally and personally.

The website

The design of the new website focused on various principles we wanted to highlight. It is clean but complex and accessibility was a top priority, meaning phone and tablet users can enjoy the same experience as computer users, with the homepage presenting just what is required in an appealing way. We’ve introduced a more comprehensive projects section as well as an interactive projects map to showcase and track our past and current work, and the innovation section provides some insight into some of our exciting side projects. And of course there is the new blog. Feel free to explore, share the love and let us know what you think!


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