Wardah Peters: a positive perception of sustainability

Wardah Peters: a positive perception of sustainability

In her new role as Solid Green’s Technical Services Success Manager, Wardah Peters intends to help improve the perception of what sustainability truly means and the value that it can bring to the property sector.

With an undergraduate degree in Construction Studies and an honours degree in Quantity Surveying, Wardah is currently studying her masters in property development and management through the University of Witwatersrand. She has also completed courses in property finance and project management, also through Wits. Being super goal-oriented, she would ultimately like to undertake her PhD in a field related to sustainability.

Wardah’s role, Technical Services Success Manager, is new to the Solid Green portfolio. The primary function of this role is to complement the overarching strategic direction of the modelling and simulations department in accordance with the company’s vision, mission and long-term goals. The Technical Services Success Manager is also responsible for steering the department in the most profitable direction through innovative business development initiatives and an established industry network.

“I joined the company quite recently, yet I already feel like I belong,” says Wardah. “Coming from a big corporate environment, the culture in Solid Green is definitely different. Solid Green is truly a family style environment. Just by taking a moment to observe the team dynamic, how they interact, how passionate everyone is about sustainability and how they value one another, truly impacts my excitement about my future.”

There is a lot that motivates me. My family is at the forefront, followed by my ambition to make a difference in my career and my determination to leave behind a legacy that my child can be proud of.

“My introduction to sustainability happened during my early childhood years. I spent every other holiday at my uncle’s farm in Genadendaal, spending time in nature, living off the land and witnessing the simplicity of life. To me, this is sustainability.

“I am passionate about the property sector, and I intend to incorporate my passion for sustainability in the best possible way. Of utmost importance is changing the perception of what sustainability means as well as the factors that hinder people from ‘going green’ in the property sector. Value is a big factor, especially value in monetary sense. This is what influences developers, investors and financial institutions.”

I know that my experience at Solid Green will definitely bring me closer to achieving my life goals for education as well as career goals. It has also afforded me the opportunity to be part of the largest sustainability consultancy in Africa, and to contribute towards making a difference in the property sector and furthering the legacy I would like to leave behind.

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