Samantha Phiri: A new direction

Samantha Phiri: A new direction

Our new Financial Accountant, Samantha Phiri, believes that open communication and staying up to date with technology are both essential and empowering for young professionals.

Having studied Accountancy at the University of Johannesburg after growing up in Rustenburg in the North West, I joined the Solid Green team in July and am in the process of obtaining my CIMA qualification. As a young professional, I think that staying up to date with current technology, and developments in the economy and environment, is extremely important.

I am very open to new technologies and knowledge, and believe that technology can go a long way towards simplifying finances and making accounting processes easier to understand, more efficient and paperless. I take pride in being diplomatic and having good people skills. For me, the way to success is to get to know everyone in the team and set yourself goals. Communication also plays a hugely important role and I am always open to learning and receiving criticism.

My experience at Solid Green to date is influencing my direction in a very positive way. I am gaining a broader understanding of the built environment and am becoming more aware of what true energy efficiency and green building really means. This knowledge is opening up a whole new chapter in my life. I am looking forward to learning more and collaborating with the team to make this world a greener place!

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