Ranjita Pillai: working towards making a Real Difference

Ranjita Pillai: working towards making a Real Difference

Sustainable Building Consultant, Ranjita Pillai, recently joined the Solid Green team. Here, she shares her influences, her experience in our office, as well as her vision for the future.

I was blessed with knowledge about sustainability from a very early age. My parents nurtured me by practicing it routinely through water harvesting, composting, consciously conserving energy, growing food in the backyard and turning waste into wealth.

Now, as a mother of two children, I have continued to practice these measures and make an effort to pass on this invaluable knowledge to my children. Motherhood has made my passion even stronger over time – to reuse, recycle and reduce wastage as my contribution to this world.

Professionally, my inspiration for buildings started while completing my bachelor’s degree in architecture in Pune, India, where I was influenced by the works of the late renowned architect, Laurie Baker, who believed in bringing together man and nature. I am also a Green Star Accredited Professional in New Buildings and Major Refurbishments through the GBCSA.

I recently joined the Solid Green team where my role is predominantly to guide and assist clients to improve their building performance by implementing various sustainable strategies. I am also involved with WELL projects that focus on the aspect of human wellbeing within building spaces.

Solid Green’s dynamic team has reinvigorated in me the essential 5P’s, namely: Predict, Prevent, Plan, Participate and Perform. Working with this wonderful team brings out my skills to set realistic goals and prioritise tasks, keep an optimistic but practical outlook towards problems to arrive at effective solutions, strive to achieve the best possible outcome, learn to take responsibility for my actions and learn from my past mistakes.

I strongly believe that our sustainable actions today will help make a real difference in our society tomorrow. I aim to learn and implement fresh insights and alternate solutions to bringing about a lifestyle change, encourage conservation and energy efficiency one brick at a time.

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