Motswere Prime Plaza II – Gaborone’s latest 5-Star Design certification

Motswere Prime Plaza II – Gaborone’s latest 5-Star Design certification

Motswere Prime Plaza II, an A-grade office space with a total floor area of 2,780m², is the first phase of the upcoming Prime Plaza II development in Botswana. Named after the stunning Leadwood Combretum trees that will inhabit the site, the building achieved its 5-Star Green Star Office Design v1.1 rating in May 2021.

Brett Marlin, Managing Director at Time Projects – which executed the project on behalf of Primetime Holdings – explains that this development is directly adjacent to Prime Plaza I in the Gaborone CBD. Four buildings are planned for the site, with construction on the first starting in August. “This is our thirteenth building in the CBD,” Marlin says.

Together with the future phases, the entire development will comprise 13,500sqm in total with a double basement below the whole site. We believe in applying sustainable and energy efficient concepts to attract quality, long-term tenants by providing healthier, more productive workspaces and reducing operational costs. For this reason, all our buildings comply with Green Star 4-Star parameters at least, even if they are not certified.

Dashiell Coville, sustainable building consultant at Solid Green, explains that a number of measures were implemented to ensure the resource efficiency of the building. These include passive design principles that maximise daylight while providing daylight glare control; with electric lighting levels and lighting power density kept low, and zoning controls to all lighting. In addition, the installation of a 132kWp photovoltaic system with an estimated annual production of 234MWh will provide a significant percentage of the building’s power requirement. The building’s energy performance is comparable to a Level 1 Net Zero Carbon rating through the GBCSA.

To optimise the building’s thermal and operational performance, tuning of the mechanical, electrical, wet services, lifts and irrigation services will be carried out for a period of 12 months after the building has been completed. Resource efficiency is further ensured by using low flush-rate sanitaryware; and non-potable, treated wastewater is delivered to site for landscape irrigation use.

To incentivise building users to implement environmentally friendly practices, preferential parking for fuel efficient transport has been provided close to the building’s entrance and cyclists’ facilities are included for building users as well as visitors. A comprehensive waste management plan will be implemented during the construction phase, and waste recycling facilities are being provided for the building’s operational phase. In addition, only paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets with low VOC emissions have been specified.

A building User’s Guide has also been developed to describe green initiatives; inform visitors and staff on how best to use building systems to optimise the building’s performance and minimise its environmental impact; and ensure that all future alterations, additions and programme changes are consistent with the intent of the Guide.

With the successful achievement of its 5-Star Office Design rating, the Motswere building is setting a high standard in line with international best practice for the rest of the Prime Plaza II development and, indeed, for future developments in the city.

Project Team

Owner Primetime Holdings
Project and Development Managers Time Projects Botswana
Accredited Professional Solid Green Consulting
Architect Paul Munnik Architects
Electrical Engineer AR Edwards & Associates
Lift Specialist AR Edwards & Associates
Mechanical Engineer Ascend Consulting Engineers
Quantity Surveyors MLC Cost Consultants
Structural Engineers ADA Consulting Engineers
Sustainable Building Consultant Solid Green Consulting
Wet Services Paul Munnik Architects
Main Contractor Red East Construction
Environmental Consultant Loci Environmental
Facilities Management Company Time Projects Botswana
Occupational Health & Safety Manager Red East Construction
Landscape Management Company Blooms

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