Mastercard East Africa Limited

Mastercard East Africa Limited

The Mastercard Foundation works with visionary organizations to enable young people in Africa and in Indigenous communities in Canada to access dignified and fulfilling work.

The Mastercard Foundation seeks a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper. The Foundation’s work is guided by its mission to advance learning and promote financial inclusion in developing countries and to support Indigenous youth. One of the largest foundations in the world, it works almost exclusively in Africa. It was created in 2006 by Mastercard International and operates independently under the governance of its own Board of Directors.

Mastercard are committed to reducing our own carbon footprint and have committed to reach net-zero emissions by 2040. They are also creating innovative solutions and initiatives that unite our network of customers, partners, and consumers in climate action.

This ties in with their goals to have sustainable building practices and consistently adopt new innovations that improve their facilities energy performance, water savings and waste management.

This is shown in their custom designed interior fit-out at Mastercard East Africa Office located in The Promenade building in Nairobi, Kenya. The office is a high-performance tenant space is a healthy, productive place to work, less costly to operate and maintain, and has a reduced environ-mental footprint. The office fit-out has achieved a 4 Star Green Star Africa Interiors v1 certification which demonstrates African Best Practice. It is worth noting that Mastercard East Africa Offices is the first Green Star rated office in Kenya and East Africa.

Sustainable building features include

  • The Mastercard office is located at The Promenade which is an EDGE Rated office building. The Promenade also seeks a LEED rating.
  • The office space is designed to optimise the users productivity and satisfaction through the organization’s work style, processes and space program and design.
  • The space is designed according to the Biophilia framework which references nature in design. The design principles can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and enhance mood and creativity.
  • Indoor plants are abundant in the fit-out to provide a connection to nature.
  • A wellness and mothers lactation room are some of the features incorporated in the fit-out contributing to holistic user experience
  • Furniture, Assembles and Flooring are responsibly sourced.
  • Adhesives, sealants and carpets have low VOC emissions contributing to a superior quality of air in the space with the aim to optimes occupant health.
  • The office harvests natural daylight to offset electrical lighting.
  • Light fixtures have been fitted with motion sensors.
  • The lighting power density is less than 5.6W/m2 which is very energy efficient for an office environment.
  • Water closets, urinals and tape fixtures all reduce water consumption. WC’s and urinals all fitted with actuators to reduce and control water consumption.
  • Integrated BMS system records and logs air quality, energy and water usage within the building and can be displayed in real time.

Building information

Address: The Promenade, 5th Floor, General Mathenge Drive, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya
Total gross floor area: 997 m2
Total commercial office area: 997 m2

Project Team

OWNER: Mastercard East Africa Limited
ACCREDITED PROFFESSIONAL: Solid Green Consulting & Web Ltd Group
ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Infraplus Ltd – Professional Engineers
FIRE ENGINEER: Infraplus Ltd – Professional Engineers
MECHANICAL ENGINEER: Infraplus Ltd – Professional Engineers
QUANTITY SURVEYORS: Ecospace Consultants
SUSTAINABLE BUILDING CONSULTANT: Solid Green Consulting & Web Ltd Group
WET SERVICE:S Infraplus Ltd – Professional Engineers
MAIN CONTRACTOR: Trishul Construction Limited
PROJECT MANAGER: Profica Property & Construction Solutions
INTERIOR DESIGNER: Profica Property & Construction Solutions
WASTE CONTRACTOR: Taka Taka Solutions
FACILITIES MANAGER: Tsebo Facilities Solutions Kenya Limited
INTERIOR LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT COMPANY: Tsebo Facilities Solutions Kenya Limited
ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR: Moflex Engineering Limited
CONSTRUCTION / FIT-OUT CONTRACTOR: Trishul Construction Limited
BMS SYSTEMS PROFESSIONAL: Infraplus Ltd – Professional Engineers


Download the PDF file .

  • 4-Star Green Star SA Interiors v1
  • Nairobi, Mastercard


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