Kayce Theunissen is taking the initiative to further Sustainability

Kayce Theunissen is taking the initiative to further Sustainability

Kayce Theunissen recently joined Solid Green as an EDGE Expert in the modelling department. In this blog, he shares his thoughts and optimism for a brighter future for all.

I received my Bachelor of Architectural Studies earlier this year. I studied in China at Ningbo University, starting in 2016, and I lived and studied there for four years just before COVID hit. I moved back to South Africa at the beginning of 2020 and did my last year of studies through distance learning with the University.

I’ve always been passionate about sustainability in the built environment. Back when I was 20 years old, I did my first internship in the UK with a company that provided similar services to Solid Green, so I think sustainability has always been a part of who I am. I joined the built environment because I’ve always wanted to make a positive difference in the industry, and what better way to make a difference than by furthering sustainability? It may be only a small difference, but I am proud that I am contributing to a better future.

Being part of a team that’s always on the ball, constantly helping each other and motivating each other, is such a positive experience. We are actively engaging and taking initiative to solve problems and drive direction without waiting for direction. This is a critical factor in working towards the main goal of sustainability within the built environment and breaking sustainability barriers within and outside of South Africa.

My experience at Solid Green is definitely influencing my direction. Before I went to China, I studied the same course at Wits and one of the requirements for entrance was an essay about a picture that was provided. The picture was of a dilapidated building. I chose to write an essay on the topic of sustainability – that the perfect building already exists. It does not require destruction of the old to create new but, instead, the old can inform the new through re-use, re-purpose and using better methods to build upon what already exists. This ensures longevity, reduction in waste and, ultimately, making sure that future generations can still experience what we have today. I can confidently say that I am still on the right personal path.

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