Kamohelo Selepe on growing Green Building Knowledge

Kamohelo Selepe on growing Green Building Knowledge

Kamohelo Selepe recently joined Solid Green as a Junior Green Building Consultant. Here, she shares her passion for sustainability as she embarks on the journey to add value and increase awareness in the built environment industry.

Born and bred in Soweto, I hold an Honours degree in Construction Management from the University of the Witwatersrand, a Net-Zero professional team member certificate and a Green Star Accredited Professional New Buildings and Major Refurbishments certificate. I would describe my role as fostering strategies that professional teams can use to incorporate green building measures, while providing technical assistance on environmentally sustainable buildings.

I initially signed up for built environment studies to become a Quantity Surveyor because I was inspired by my Civil Technology teacher in high school. However, when I was in my second and third years, I was introduced to Building Science – the lecturer inspired me to do my Honours in Construction Management.

What is important to me as a young person in the field of sustainability is making a difference, learning new techniques to help in reducing the over consumption of non-renewable resources. In the built environment especially, I’d like to be able to advise on using different kinds of materials that produce less harmful chemicals in the atmosphere or in the building itself where the wellbeing of occupants is of utmost importance.

I believe that green building is a great initiative to curb the impact that construction projects have on the environment, and that it also encourages the development and spread of innovative technologies, designs and processes that could improve buildings’ environmental performance.

I am learning a lot from Solid Green, personally and career wise. The Solid Green team has inspired me to find my purpose, and my experience in the company is definitely influencing my path. The people here are hard workers and knowledgeable, and I am grateful to be part of a team where I can be myself and be part of making a difference in the world. The team members offer advice and help when needed, and they are also competitive – this encourages me to push myself to become the best version of myself in all aspects. I believe we all have something in common and share a vision that makes us a great, proactive team.

With so many elements and opportunities emerging in different sectors, the future really does look appealing. I am intrigued with how there seem to be no limits. This experience is helping me to become a better version of myself and I hope to eventually be able to extend my knowledge to projects in the townships and small construction businesses.

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