EcoDistricts: in conversation with Adrie Fourie

EcoDistricts: in conversation with Adrie Fourie

Watch this conversation between Adrie Fourie, Head of Solid Green’s department of Sustainable Cities & Research, and Teva Needleman, Program Manager at EcoDistricts, on bringing EcoDistricts to South Africa and Johannesburg.

In this video, Adrie speaks about equity and social justice in the context of Solid Green’s EcoDistricts work with the City of Johannesburg, saying:

We want to be the change. That’s why we are leading the charge and doing the EcoDistricts work in South Africa.

Solid Green is investigating and testing the EcoDistricts methodology by looking at a specific node in the city, including developing an energy use and carbon emissions calculations tool. Once this is done, the project will then start to identify interventions that could de-carbonise the neighbourhood. The intention is to ultimately assist the City of Johannesburg to identify ways of scaling this work up and replicating it throughout the city.

Watch the video here:

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