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Stats SA

Located on Kock Street in Tshwane, the new Stats SA four storey office building achieved a 4 Star – Green Star SA Office v1 Design rating in the 1st assessment round, demonstrating ‘Best Practice’ owing to an array of sustainable features.

The new office building is situated within walking distance of the following public transport facilities: the Pretoria Gautrain Station, Gautrain bus station, Pretoria Metro Train Station and the metro bus station. Providing staff with alternative modes of transport facilities to use. Through the implementation of individual environmental measures and criteria in the development, of which some are highlighted below, Stats SA was able to successfully obtain a rating.

Sustainable building features

1. Energy Efficiency

The project reduces its peak demand on energy supply infrastructures by 32.9% via the installation of an ice storage system. Stats SA has shown a 60% improvement in predicted Carbon Emissions over a SANS 204 Notional Building, minimising the greenhouse gas emissions associated with operational energy consumption. The building has also incorporated energy sub-meters to accurately record the consumption of power and lighting used within the building. Other energy saving strategies such as efficient, high frequency ballast have been incorporated in the building and a BMS system has been provided to monitor consumption of the building. Photovoltaic (PV) panels will be installed on a part of the roof to first drawing energy from the panels before using the mains power connection to meet the demand.

Glazing was minimised on all the east, west and north facades. The south facade, which receives very little direct solar radiation, was fully glazed but a high performance double glazing was used to minimise heat gains and losses. Performance criteria for thermal comfort in perimeter zones was set up early in the design stage and adhered to throughout detailed design, this informed the selection of glazing on the different facades.

2. Water Efficiency

The irrigation design has reduced the demand for potable water use by 90%, this is mainly achieved by having a large endemic veld landscaping around the building. A further reduction on potable water consumption has been achieved by the use of water efficient sanitary fittings. Water meters has been provided to monitor and manage water consumption of the office building in conjunction with the BMS System.

3. Indoor Environmental Quality

The buildings orientation is as such that the wings are oriented North/South; meaning that it is well orientated to respond to the climate, enhancing the comfort and indoor environment of the occupants. Windows are minimised on the east and west facades to minimise the heat load due to the low sun angle on the east and west, which is especially important to avoid in office buildings. The building has developed an occupancy user’s guide to inform occupants on how to use building systems efficiently. Air quality in the building is enhance as it is designed to be a non-smoking building and ample amounts of outside air is provided at 10liters / second / person to counter act build-up of indoor pollutants.

4. Materials

The project has reduced the impact on resources by minimising the use of PVC by 30%. And the minimisation of absolute quantity of Portland cement by 30% for in-situ concrete, 20% for precast concrete and 15% for stressed concrete.

5. Land use and Ecology

The project has minimised their impact for the need to clear undeveloped land that might cause urban sprawl by reusing a previously developed site, and enhance the ecology value of that site with the large areas of endemic landscaping.

Building Information

Address: Erf 406, Kock Street, Salvokop, Tshwane
Total gross floor area: 36886 m2
Total commercial office area:  31801 m2
Car parking area: 38806 m2

  • 4-Star Green Star SA Office v1 Design
  • Tshwane, Statistics South Africa


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