SANS 10400 Part XA Design and Assessment

SANS 10400 Part XA Design and Assessment

The new energy regulations allow for two paths to show compliance. Deemed-to-satisfy and rational assessment paths to compliance. Solid Green has experience in performing a wide variety of rational assessments for buildings ranging from free standing residences to large retail complexes.

SANS10400 XA Online

Solid Green has developed an innovative web app, Solid XA, built specifically to take the hassle out of completing and submitting your SANS10400 XA Rational Assessments. Get an instant quote on your assessment and create and manage your projects for free easily through your web browser. Find out more.

Paths to compliance

  • Deemed-to-satisfy: This path to compliance is met by showing that various building features meet minimum requirements. These include glazing dimensions, insulation thickness and wall types.
  • Rational assessment: This path to compliance allows the use of simulation software to show that a building, irrespective of glazing size and insulation thickness, uses less energy than either a value provided by the XA standard, or a reference building that complies with the deemed-to-satisfy requirements.

Agrément has formally issed a certificate to DesignBuilder software to approve it as certified thermal calculation software for the rational design path to compliance for SANS 10400 Part XA. Click below to see the certificate.

DesignBuilder Final Certificate

Give us a call or drop us a line if you would like to discuss the rational assessment path to compliance for your project.


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