Performance Modelling & Simulation

Performance Modelling & Simulation

Solid Green offers a bespoke simulation solution that answers most common architectural questions on projects to optimize the energy performance and thermal comfort of occupied spaces.

Results are quantified for every possible intervention, such as double glazing, performance glazing, heating systems and insulation, giving the client real metrics by which to make decisions.

Performance Criteria for Energy Consumption & Thermal Comfort

Solid Green knows what quantifiable metrics constitute a good energy, peak demand and thermal comfort performance for a residential building. The aim of creating performance criteria is to set measurable goals up front, and deliver quantifiable performance in terms of sustainability. Performance targets will be set for the following:

  • Annual specific energy: Annual specific energy is benchmarked against local standards in terms of SANS 10400 XA and international values.
  • Thermal comfort: determine thermal comfort thresholds for the various occupied spaces within the project (e.g. 22 0C for the lounge area); these values are discussed and agreed upon with the client.

Concept Stage Simulation and Building Optimisation

This entails using a simulation software tool to appraise the energy and comfort impact of various early stage design options such as:

  • Wall, floor and roof fabric
  • Glazing ratios
  • Glazing specification
  • Insulation levels
  • Shading strategies
  • Mechanical heating and/or cooling systems
  • Renewables

This work will be done with the architect and design team so as to quickly evaluate the magnitude of the energy implications associated with different concept stage design options.

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