Melrose Arch 40-on-Oak

Melrose Arch 40-on-Oak

40 on Oak is the first Multi Unit Residential project certified under the Green Star SA system. It has received a 4-star Green Star SA PILOT certification in October 2011. The building is a five storey building with units ranging from one bedroom to four bedrooms, and five penthouses on the top floor.

Green features of the building include natural ventilation, double glazing, centralised hot water by means of gas, LED lighting, low VOC finishes. All occupants can access their real time energy, gas and water consumption online. Also beneficial for the certification. is that the development is located in a mixed use, pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood, with good access to public transport.

  • 4-star Green Star SA MUR PILOT Design
  • Melrose, Amdec Property


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